About me

I am a little boy living in a poor town of Eastern Europe.

I love singing and dancing as well as taking photos of myself and become a model but my parents don’t allow me to become famous or any kind of public person.

I started collecting photos of girls mostly from music scene when I was 12 then discovered the child modelling websites at 14 years old and over years I collected about 200 GB of photo sets and videos which now I want to share with everyone on this website!

Most photo sets were obtained via private exchange with other collectors. You are welcome to send me your photos and I will send some of mine for free!



My favorite girls: We Are Little Stars, Curt Newbury Studios, and Mini-Models, I love girls posing outdoor in normal clothing.

Least favorite girls: Chemal models and Artmodelling, as well as other unknown agencies who have girls that in majority of sets are posing in panties, also photos does not look very professional. This is NOT real modelling!

But, over years while talking with other fans of no nude modelling I saw many people who love these girls in panties so now when I made this website I’m gonna post all types of models for download using Easy Digital Downloads plugin to see which is most downloaded.

I hate porn and I when I am with friends I generally never engage in adult activities.



We are a 100% legal non nude website that has no nudity, sexual or erotic poses no lewd photography no photos are designed to arouse anyone. We were not designed for pedophiles.

All girls are professional models who published their photos online via their agencies. I, as website admin, I do not take any photos. This website just collect photo archives from defunct agencies.

These photo sets were originally available via subscription about 30-60 USD per month. I offer photo sets from dead websites for much lower price.

Website launched in April 2016 and during first month I uploaded on server the photo sets with smaller file size, about 20 GB so you can download instantly. If you want other photo sets not uploaded on server you can contact me and I can send you via wetransfer.com. Please “donate” by buying photo sets from my website. I aim to earn about $50 per month to buy a VPS and offer you more photo sets for download, even all my 200 GB collection.

Photo sets can be also sent via WeTransfer.com for FREE if you send me other photo sets as exchange.



free / $2 – under 1000 images
$4 – 1000-2000 images
$6 – 2000-3000 images
$8 – 3000-5000 images
$10 – 5000-7000 images
$12 – 7000-10000 images
$15 – over 10000 images

For any queries leave comments on website or email me