Vladmodels y158 Kristina

y118 Kristina, a girl from Vladmodels
Here are 52 photo sets, 4240 images, 648,118,992 bytes (missing set 15, rest are 100% complete).

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Vladmodels y114 Zhenya

y114 Zhenya, one of most popular girls from Vladmodels.
Here are 70 photo sets, 5970 images, 1,047,420,025 bytes (100% complete).

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Dreamgirl Hannah

Hannah, 12 year old girl from France.
Her original site www.dreamgirl-hannah.net (worked in 2007-2008 only).
Here are sets 1-28, 2141 images, 975,335,613 bytes (100% complete).
Photo resolution 2536 x 1686.

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Dreamgirl Elena

A girl living in Chisinau, Moldova, modelling in a variety of leotards, swim suit, shorts and tops.
Her original site www.dreamgirl-elena.com (worked in 2007-2009 only).
Here are sets 1-69, 4096 images, 2,854,961,927 bytes (100% complete).
Photo resolution 2336 x 3504 pixels.

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Dreamgirl Celia

Celia, 12 year old girl from France.
Her original site www.dreamgirl-celia.net (worked in 2007-2008 only).
Here are sets 1-36, 2760 images, 1,040,705,219 bytes (100% complete).
Photo resolution 2536 x 1686.

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Isabel Modelo

Isabel Modelo from Curt Newbury Studios, probably a british modelling agency.
All what I have with her is August 2008 issue, 5 photo sets, 465 images, 37,920,427 bytes. 2 sets posing together with another girl, does anyone know who is she?

I also have other models from Curt Newbury Studios, BluJeanne, Donna Modelo, Lady Model, Lucy Model, Stefi Model, etc, and I will post them later because photos are messed up and I need some time to sort them out.

Download full photo sets: isabelmodelo.rar